My 12 week body transformation following the Michelle Bridges program


As promised here is my final post.  Life still goes on after 12wbt (surprise surprise) and life is now fabulous.  I have the tools to keep me going and going I will.  So what have I been up to these last three weeks?

  • Ran the mother’s day classic 8 km fun run in 38 minutes and finished 50th in my age group (30-39).
  • Running 20km a week.
  • Following the Advanced Lean and Strong program and working towards a buffer body.
  • Performed some plyometric lunges with Michelle Bridges on stage during the finale workout.
  • Was a judge for the fitness challenge at the finale workout.
  • Met Margie (Biggest Loser 2012 winner).
  • Met Michelle Bridges.
  • Partied with my 12wbt Bentleigh/Bayside gang at the finale and had an amazing time.

My aim for the next 12 months is to:

  • Complete the Run Melbourne fun run (10km)
  • Participate in the Relay for Life
  • Run a half Marathon
  • Compete in the Tough Mudder event
  • Compete in the Valley Stampede event

I must mention that whilst doing this program I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the Bentleigh/Bayside 12wbt team. Not only are they accepting, kind, warm and fun to be around but so inspirational.  Some of these people have gone from obese, unfit individuals to healthy, slim athletes and I truly admire their hard work and commitment.

So here are the photos, enjoy and thanks for reading.


Anastasia (fitmutha)



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12 Week Body Transformation – Week 12

Hooray! I made it and boy do I have a tale to tell.  Let’s start from the beginning, 12 weeks ago I was eating junk, smoking and not exercising.  I wanted a change or should I say needed a change because my life was going downhill.  I had no energy, could not fit into my regular clothes and I was feeling insecure and unhappy.  I somehow could not motivate myself to get back on the saddle and become that athlete I once was.  Yes, I wanted to change but it was so much easier making excuses and hiding away in tracksuits.  Thankfully I stumbled across this program and honestly, it changed my life.  This $200 expenditure is the best I have made.  Not only am I physically transformed, I have made some wonderful friendships, am content in myself and as a bonus, I have learnt to cook.

So lets step back 12 weeks ago where I woke up on that first Monday of the program and promised myself, my family and Michelle Bridges that I would follow her program and eat 1200 calories a day and train 6 days a week.  I am amazed at my willpower and strength.  On the rare occasion I exceeded my 1200 calories ever so slightly, but my training was 100% perfection.  Even on that one occasion that I did get sick I still managed to train around it.  It is amazing how easily you can achieve something if you set your mind to it.  It is all about being organised and having a fall back plan because as you all are aware at times having a husband that works late and travels and two young children, one doesn’t have the leisure to go to the gym.  But one can put on a workout DVD at 10pm once everyone else is asleep.

So to be honest with everyone I was a little sceptical at first, I wanted to see if this program would produce the results it claimed, therefore to be true to it I had to follow it to the letter.  Let me tell you if it didn’t live up to its word,  I was gonna let the world know.  Well world – it works!  Let’s look at the goals I had set for myself and use these as measurables:

  • Lose 5 kilograms – smashed – lost 5.6kg which is 10.7% of my bodyweight.
  • Run 10 kilometers without stopping – smashed – I am running slightly more (around 11 kms).  I have participated in a 5 km fun run and am completing an 8km fun run next week.  I am looking at completing a half marathon in July.
  • Toned body and a flat stomach – smashed.  I have lost 41 cmz off my body and have abdominal muscles for the first time.  Just check out my before and after photos – they speak for themselves.  This was the goal that I was most sceptical about, especially having gone through two pregnancies. I didn’t think my stomach could ever be flat again.

So there you have it folks.  I can’t really say much more other than this program works.  I will not sign up for a second round because I have smashed my goals and embraced this lifestyle change.  I will continue to exercise but will drop down to 5 days a week and focus on weights training.  I will increase my running distances in the hope of running a marathon next year.  I will continue cooking low-calorie meals (1200-1500) with fresh whole foods but will still live a balanced lifestyle and treat myself to life’s pleasures.

Thank you all for reading my posts, your kind words and support. I will post pictures of my finale outfit and the finale party, were I will rock it with the Bentleigh/Bayside 12wbt crew.

Here’s to a better version of me – JFDI!



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12 Week Body Transformation – Week 11

It’s the second last week of the program and I’ve once again managed to drop more weight.  A 200 gram loss assures me that what I am doing is working because every week the scales are in my favour.  I can’t really say that I have had a very eventful week.  I have trained 6  days and eaten as per the plan with the exception of a few evening snacks – which I have attributed to late night TV viewing.   As embarrassing as it is to admit, my evenings of late involve me indulging in Beverly Hills 90210 dvds.  I was a huge fan of this show as a teenager but now that I am a little older and wiser I can’t help but wonder who did they think they were fooling, casting 30 year olds to play teenagers.  Anyway, after a long day and the kids tucked in bed, I  like to slip on the dvds and watch a couple of episodes. However I have now adopted a habit of eating snack whilst watching these episodes.  This is a habit I need to break!


I am happy to see that the 12 week program is coming to an end.  I am looking forward to bringing the intensity down a notch now that I have achieved my goal weight.   However in saying that I don’t mean stopping altogether.  I mean dropping down to 5 days of intense training as opposed to 6.  This program has not only helped Mr. K and I to lose weight but I  have learned to cook and am enjoying it.  Mr.K and my dad constantly joke that it has taken me 13 years to prepare a home cooked meal – ah well better late than never!  I finally have the knowledge that will prevent me from slipping back into old habits.  I am accountable and can make decisions for myself.  So as motivation to keep going, I will remember how far I have come and how unhappy I was before that.


My highlight this week, was a compliment that I received from a total stranger.  I attended an Intimo (lingerie) party and the demonstrator asked me to come and try on some of the merchandise.  As she was helping me try on the garments she told me I had an amazing body and that I must work out for it to look so good.  I was totally blown away.  What I appreciated most about the comment was the reference to the training – I must look athletic and not just skinny.  And after such a nice compliment, it was only fair that the poor credit card got a good workout!


12 Week Body Transformation – Week 10

This week has been a real eye-opener for me – I have had an amazing win – yes, I reached my goal weight.  Then why am I not jumping with joy?  Isn’t this what I signed up for?  After 10 long weeks, I have a benchmark and aim to maintain it.  So as happy as I am that the hard work and determination has paid of it has also came at a price, and one that I am not proud of.

I suppose it all started last Sunday (Greek Easter).  I had watched Michelle Bridges’ Easter video the week before where she had given us permission to celebrate Easter by having an egg.  I hadn’t indulged in chocolate since the beginning of the program so I was more than happy to oblige.  I chose a  Humpty Dumpty egg (you know the one with the smarties in it?).  I don’t quite think that Michelle had such a big Easter egg in mind and after finishing it I did feel nauseous.  However it didn’t stop me from having another two little Easter eggs.  Hey, it was Easter after all.  On the Monday I was feeling a little hungrier than usual and increased my snack intake, but that was okay because my BMI range is now in the underweight range so I should be increasing my calorie intake.  Yes the logic is there but so are the excuses right?  On Wednesday I decided to treat myself with 4 easter eggs because guess what, I reached my goal weight.  Yesterday I was entertaining family for dinner and as generous and beautiful as they are they each bought dessert and I couldn’t just have one piece of dessert.  I had to have four because I had to be a polite host and try everyone’s contribution.  Can you see the pattern yet?

But the eating is not what I am ashamed of, although I am slipping, I’m still training 6 days and following the food plan!  My moment of shame occurred yesterday where I woke up early, put on my gym gear in preparation for my Saturday group training session.  As I was about to head out, I heard Potsy run out to me holding his ear and whimpering about how sore it was.  I gave him a cuddle and asked Mr. K if he was okay to look after him, and bless his kind soul he said yes and told me to head off to training, I felt some resentment for the inconvenient timing of the ear-ache as I reached over to grab my keys.  Thankfully I came to my senses and chose my child over exercise.  As I held my son in my arms I questioned what kind of mother I was and where my priorities lay.

I am happy to be reaching the end of the 12 weeks.  I am TIRED of the program.  6 days of training is a big commitment and I am looking forward to dropping back to 5 days.  What I have realised is that I don’t need to prove anything.  I  know I am a determined person with strong will power and I see a commitment through – but at what price?  Time to re-evaluate and put everything back into perspective.  To those of you wondering, Potsy is feeling mighty fine today – and I’m right here beside him ready to give him that cuddle when he needs it.


12 Week Body Transformation – Week 9

Happy Easter to all.  No I haven’t gone mad – it is Greek Easter today and also my name day; Anastasia (meaning the resurrection of Christ).  So following good old greek tradition, today it is all about eating, drinking and CHOCOLATE.  Those bunnies have got my name on them and I will certainly indulge in a couple.


I have finally recovered from that terrible virus that saw me bedridden last week – although a little snotty, I am on the mend and it hasn’t stopped me training 6 days this week.  The weight is still falling off (what’s left of it) and I’m convinced it is due to the long distance running.  I am also mixing things up with strength work at the gym and my SSS day involves training with some fellow 12wbters at the local park for a gruelling 2 hours.


I will apologise in advance for this but I really must have a little boast as I am extremely proud of myself and the dedication and commitment that I have put in.  The results were revealed right before my eyes and I was honestly shocked.  No it’s not just about weight loss, but my confidence is up, my skin is glowing and my hair is shiny too. I have this amazing energy and a zest for life.  This week I decided to do my fitness test as I was too ill to complete it last week.  Brace yourself people – 1km run in  4 minutes and 4 seconds.  I swear.  Needless to say I nearly threw up once I finished it.  I now  consider myself an athlete and am comfortable saying it out loud.


I need to make a special mention to the wonderful Mr.K who has lost 10kgs so far just through a couple of days of exercise and eating the meals I am preparing.  He is rocking it in his new clothes and looks 10 years younger – my big spunk.  So bring on Week 10 and the challenges that come with it because baby I am unstoppable at the moment!


12 Week Body Transformation – Week 8

This is the week that nearly stopped me in my tracks.  It started as per normal, eating and exercising according to the program.  My interval running had moved up a notch and I was in control and energised.  Then on Thursday Mr.K was struck down with a virus which saw him bedridden for the entire day.  I decided to take my training indoors with a Michelle Bridges exercise video, that way I could exercise and keep an eye on Mr. K.

Early Friday morning around 4am Miss. K woke me with what she said felt like a sore tummy.  No sooner had she finished that sentence the evidence was presented to me.  After four consecutive mouth accidents and cleaning til all hours of the morning , I finally drifted off to a restless sleep, waking to a terrible headache and in a feverish state.  As I tried to lift myself from the  bed  I realised it was not going to be possible. I felt nauseous, dizzy, dehydrated and ached all over.  Heck even my eyebrows ached.  I knew that it was now my turn to spend the day in bed. And so let it be written that this was the first time in my 8 weeks of following this program that I did not manage to exercise for six consecutive days.  By Saturday I felt much better but decided to rest my body over the weekend and instead chose to walk for an hour on Saturday and Sunday.

This week I have learnt a very valuable lesson – I need to listen to my body – If I am physically unable to exercise than I am physically unable to exercise.  This isn’t an excuse, a  cop-out, self-sabotage, blame or any other type of expression that this program throws about to make one feel guilty for not completing six consecutive days of training. I think there is a fine line between dedication and obsession and I know for me, this has been a good wake up call!


12 Week Body Transformation – Week 7

At this moment I am on an amazing high thanks to the wonderful endorphins that exercising releases.  I have completed my first ever fun run, the Run 4 the Kids 5.2km course.  Not only do I feel great for contributing to such a worthwhile cause but I also feel elated to have finished it with such gusto, managing to show off a little and sprint to the finish line (well there were camera’s there!).  I can’t wait til tomorrow to see my time.  I really would like to have run this distance in under 30 minutes.  Here’s hoping.  My current goal – to compete 10km without stopping is also progressing well.  Interval training is a killer though!  Just when you settle into robot mode of shifting one foot in front of the other, you need to stop after ten minutes and start that whole process again.   60 minutes later and my body is feeling very weary.

My weight loss this week was HUGE.  1.5kg loss brings me to 47.9kg and according to Michelle Bridges that puts me in the unhealthy BMI range.  The program now suggests I move to the Lean and Strong program but that doesn’t  suit me.  I am training for the Mother’s Day Classic fun run which is an 8km course, so cardio and endurance are very important to me at this point.  If the weight loss continues this week then I will just increase my calorie consumption instead.  Just for the record though I do not look unhealthy nor do I feel unhealthy, in actual fact my body is like a machine now and everything seems to be running smoothly.  My headspace is also great and I am enjoying life and the people around me.  I went on a bit of a shopping spree the other week and I must admit clothes are looking really nice on now.  Previously my clothing of choice consisted of track suit pants or leggings.  Not that I ever judge people by what they wear and nor would I want to judged, but by making an effort with my appearance I feel more confident and content.  Please note that as I am typing this at 3.00pm I am wearing my pjs!

Tonight I am looking forward to an evening out to celebrate my second mini milestone and first ever fun run.  I am heading out to an Indian restaurant with a group of friends.  Those of you who are worried that I may be wasting away – have no fear.  I promise I will have my fair share of food and celebratory drinks tonight.  And as of tomorrow the interval 10k running program recommences.  No rest for the wicked!


The results are in!  Have a look.

Run 4 the Kids Certificate





12 Week Body Transformation – Week 6

Yet another week has passed where I have continued to train for 6 consecutive days whilst following Michelle Bridges’ 1200 calorie diet.  I have lost a further 200 grams this week and even though my weight of 49.4kg may seem quite low to some, I am still in the healthy BMI range.  Each week I notice an increase in my fitness levels and this week it was confirmed.  I decided to take Michelle’s advice and mix things up a little bit – change my routine and try a different form of exercise.  Cardio for me usually consists of running, therefore on Tuesday I decided to move out of my comfort zone and cycled a 40km distance.  I may be comfortable running long distances but I am the first to admit that bike riding is not my forte.  I struggle during spin classes and therefore tend to avoid them whenever possible.  I am happy to report that I did not get off my bike once during this trip (except to stop and have a coffee at Federation Square).  In the past I would have hopped off my bike and pushed it up the steep hills, instead I used my gears correctly and pumped my legs, rose off my seat and completed my hill mission.   On Monday I commenced my 10k running program.  I have surprised myself with how easily I am covering the distance.  I have come to realise that this is a mental challenge for me as there is nothing physically stopping me.  For some reason saying I’m going to run 10k without stopping just scares me.  At the moment I am meeting the distance but stopping at the halfway point and walking for 2 minutes, then completing the run.  I just know I will build up to it and will persevere with 70 minutes of interval training next week.

On Saturday I followed Michelle Bridges’ SSS, aptly titled ‘Run Rabbit Run’.  Jeez those 4 interval sprints of 400 metres at 15km on the treadmill just about killed me!  Thankfully pride, determination and the fact that the lady on the cross trainer kept staring at me with a stunned look every time I approached the treadmill, kept me going.  I am happy to say that I worked my ass to the bone which was a good thing because that night’s dinner was fish and chips, a slice of chocolate cake and a few to many glasses of wine.

As I wrap up this post I have come to the realisation that training and healthy eating is now a part of my lifestyle.  It sounds cliché and something you would expect to hear from a Lite n’ Easy advertisement, but it is true.  I now have self-control and can stop myself from that incessant gorging that was once a reality.  Food no longer controls me, instead I control it.  That is the key – CONTROL.  I am able to control my intake and can stop at just one or on those odd occasions two or three.


12 Week Body Transformation – Week 5

I can’t believe that 5 weeks have gone by and I’m still staying true to this program.  I know my willpower is strong but in the past when the going got tough I would play the blame game to justify my reasons for not seeing a commitment through.    What I’ve learnt this time around is that everything is possible with some careful planning, prioritising and early morning starts.  I have learnt that I need to be accountable and to stop feeling sorry for myself as every person has struggles in their lives.  We become powerful when we learn to accept and deal with them.

This week the changes to my body are evident.  I have had comments from a number of friends but I was most surprised when the dentist (who I haven’t seen for over a year) asked me what I was doing to look this good!  It’s nice when other people notice because you know that the $200 you invested in an online training program has been worth it.  However I still like to keep it real.  I am a social butterfly so I am not going to change my lifestyle completely because a diet dictates so (heck even Michelle Bridges went on a bender in Switzerland and didn’t show up for her work commitments – read today’s Herald Sun).  Therefore I did not hesitate to celebrate Australia day with my closest friends, a nice barbecue and drinks .  It was an amazingly warm Melbourne day, and we gathered at a beautiful park with our families and made the most of it.  I was disciplined and ran my 5km in the morning and ate a sensible breakfast.  This allowed me to loosen the reins and enjoy two snags, a slice of berry tiramisu and 4 refreshing alcoholic beverages.   And what did the scales have to say –  100 grams lost – see, you can live a little and still get results.

For my Saturday Super Session I decided to join the Bentleigh/Bayside 12wbters group in a 2 hour personal training the local park.  We ran, squatted, pressed and every other word you can think of that infers torture and today my abs are burning!  Sometimes it’s nice to train with others and being competitive I pushed myself to the limit – the words I CAN’T are not in my vocabulary.  I have also completed my first milestone of running 5km without stopping and this week start my training towards running 10km.  To be honest I am a little nervous as to whether I have that endurance – usually I go hard so I have to learn to pace myself.  A number of people have said to me that it is harder to go from running 0k to 5k then 5k to 10k – lets hope they are right.

So before I finish this weeks blog I must share with you a painting Miss K made for me today.  She obviously has noticed that training is now a big part of my life! LOL


12 Week Body Transformation – Week 4

One month down and two more to go.  This milestone week has probably been the best week of my life!  Yes the exercise is certainly making me feel happier, healthier and more confident in myself.  My clothes fit better and I like what I see in the mirror.  Gone are the rolls of skin that once overflowed from my jeans and gone are the elastic waisted pants (the most faithful of all my clothes).  Yet this week sees me happy for two different reasons, and these I must share.  The importance we place on diet, exercise and looking good are trivial compared to the other challenges I have faced in my life, therefore in today’s post 12wbt needs to take a back seat .


On Monday I took my gorgeous son Potsy to the Psychologist for a reassessment.  Potsy was diagnosed at 2 as having a severe language delay.  This has been a long and tiring journey but one I have travelled with no regrets.  An average week consists of speech therapy, 2 days of kinder, Early Intervention and swimming lessons.  At 3 years of age, Potsy was formally assessed and the results showed that his speech was that of a 12 month old child and his social skills were at the level of a 6 month old child.  Yes, I wasn’t joking – SEVERELY DELAYED.  Well he is now 3.5 and his speech is at a 2.5 year old level and his social abilities at a 2-year-old level.  My son is bridging that gap and furthermore the Psychologist confirmed that his brain function is normal and advanced in certain areas for his age. He went on to say that he will have caught up to his peers by the time he starts prep.  What more could a parent ask for? And just when I thought I had enough good news to last me a lifetime, I received a very important letter in the mail on Friday informing me that Miss K was accepted into a prestigious Melbourne private school on a 50% scholarship for the duration of her schooling.


So even with all this great news and reason to celebrate I have still been eating cleanly and following Michelle’s exercise plan.   I have surpassed my 1 month goals  – dropping down to under 50 kgs and losing 19cm from my body.  I am leaner, stronger and fitter.  My 1 month mini milestone was to run Albert Park lake (5km) without stopping.  I decided to do this on Saturday in place of the SSS.  Mr. K decided to join me.  Well I’m happy to report that I smashed that run, completing it in 24 minutes and leaving Mr. K to eat my dust.  The amazing thing was I still had gas in the tank to run further and I wasn’t out of breath.  After an initial sulk Mr.K confided in me that he simply couldn’t keep up and that I had an amazing fast paced stride. But the biggest compliment came when he said  I looked like an athlete out there.  Ooh shucks!


I’ll leave you with the following thought this week, Don’t stop believing!  I’m glad I didn’t.